1. Dr Zhao Xin Honored with Prestigious 2024 Biomaterials Award for Young Investigator
  2. Gold medal at the 6th China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of Inventions, 2023
  3. Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers, 2022 (only 12 in PolyU)
  4. Mid-Career Award (only 3 in the world, only 1 selected in Hong Kong) of 2022 Chinese Association for Biomaterials (CAB), 2022.
  5. PolyU President Award, Individual Award – Research and Scholarly Activities:  Outstanding Young Researcher, 2022
  6. Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Biomedical Engineering (only 2 selected in PolyU), 2022
  7. Faculty Awards for Outstanding Achievement 2022, Research and Scholarly Activities: Outstanding Young Researcher. (Only 1 in ~ 150 faculty staff).
  8. Project "Biomimicking Photocrosslinkable Nanocomposite Bone Graft", silver medal at the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva
  9. Dorothy Hodgkins Postgraduate Award, £ 90,000, EPSRC, UK, 2006
  10. Central Research Fund, £ 2,000, University of London, UK, 2009
  11. Outstanding Young Scholars, ¥ 1,500,000, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, 2015
  12. International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) Asia Pacific Research Networking (APRN) Fellowship, HK representative, 2018
  13. General Participant of Max Planck Croucher Symposium 2019 (theme ‘Matter to Life’), (only two are selected from one university in Hong Kong), Okinawa, 2019
  14. Nomination of “Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Science” 2019 (Shortlisted 10 from >150 applications globally).
  15. Merit awards (Individual Award, only 3 from 155 faculty members) of Faculty Awards for Outstanding Performance/Achievement 2018/19 
  16. Faculty of Engineering Research Grant Achievement Award 2019 (8 awardees in ~ 150 faculty staff).
  17. Supervised undergraduate student Miss Panyang Tanyaporn to receive the Top 40 projects FYP+ Funding Scheme 2019;Supervised undergraduate student Miss Panyang Tanyaporn to attract the Proof-of-Concept Funding from PolyU;
  18. Supervised PhD student Mr Zhang Qiang to win the NanoMed 2019 Best Poster Award in the 3rd International Symposium on Translational Nanomedicine
  19. Supervised student Miss Panyang Tanyaporn, Mr Lam Chun Hei, Mr Ho Pan Bei and Mr Hung Chi Hin won the third price of the 2019 Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
  20. Invited for contributions to the Emerging Investigator Issues of Biomaterials Science (2019
  21. Supervised student Mr Ho Pan Bei attract the Travel Grants for Winter School on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2020
  22. Supervised student Mr Qiang Zhang win the Top Prize of Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association Student Research Award (HKMHDIA, HK$2,500, only two in PolyU) 2019
  23. PolyU UG Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship (USRA-2016, HK$36,750), 2020
  24. Supervised student Mr Ho Pan Bei won the Best Teaching Assistant Award, 2020
  25. Supervised student Mr Ho Pan Bei, Mr Yang Yuhe and Mr Zhang Qiang won PolyU Micro Fund (HK$ 120,000), 2020
  26. Supervised student Mr You Hengze won the PolyU Faculty of Engineering, Outstanding Student Award Scheme 2020
  27. Supervised student Mr Bei Ho Pan won the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association Student Research Award, 2020.
  28. Supervised student Mr You Hengze won the PolyU Outstanding Student Award (only 1 student selected from 1 department), 2020
  29. Supervised student Mr You Hengze won the Dr. Kong Footcare Ltd. Scholarship - Best Capstone Project Awards2021
  30. Supervised student Mr Mao Mao won the Acta student award of Acta symposium on the TMS 2022 conference. 2021
  31. Supervised students Mr Bei Ho Pan and Mr. Xu Tian Peng won the 2nd and 3rd prize of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association Student Research Award. 2021
  32. Supervised student Mr. Xu Tianpeng won the TERMIS-AP 2022 students’ presentation Golden award, 2022.
  33. Supervised Dr. Yang Yuhe won the e-Poster Competition in Hong Kong Musculoskeletal & Biomaterials Summit for Young Scholars, 2022.
  34. Dr. Yang Yuhe and Mr. Xu Tianpeng won the Gold Medal of the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, 2024.