Research Summary

Understanding how cells sense, interact and respond to their microenvironments will enhance our understanding of cell biology, enabling the synthesis of sophisticated biomaterials of micro- or nanoscale features to generate tissues and treat diseases more efficiently. My research on Translational Regenerative Medicine is summarized into three major areas:

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  • Bei Ho Pan and Xu Tianpeng has won the second and third prize of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device industries Association Student Research Award 2021.
  • Dr Xin Zhao's research project "Engineering biomimetic microenvironment for bone repair" has been funded by the highly competitive National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars of China (優青). There are only 25 projects from Hong Kong and Macau are se
  • Hengze has been awarded the 2020 Outstanding Student Award of Department of Biomedical Engineering, PolyU
  • Yuhe's project "Biomimicking Photocrosslinkable Nanocomposite Bone Graft" has won the silver medal at the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva
  • BEI Ho Pan has been awarded the Top Prize of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association Student Research Award 2020