Research Summary

Understanding how cells sense, interact and respond to their microenvironments will enhance our understanding of cell biology, enabling the synthesis of sophisticated biomaterials of micro- or nanoscale features to generate tissues and treat diseases more efficiently. My research on Translational Regenerative Medicine is summarized into three major areas:

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  • Yuhe, Jingdong, Huaqian, Richard, Zhang Zhen and Bei Bei's paper "Biomimicking design of artificial periosteum for promoting bone healing" has been accepted by Journal of Orthopaedic Translation
  • Yuhe's co-first authored paper "Bioinspired Polymeric Coating with Self-Adhesive, Lubrication, and Drug Release for Synergistic Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal Performance" has been accepted by Advanced Materials Interfaces
  • Suo di and Jingdong's paper "A universal biocompatible coating for enhanced lubrication and bacterial inhibition" has been accepted by Biomaterials Science
  • Zhang qiang, Roy, Bei Ho Pan and Liu yu's paper "Micro- and nano-environment dual-modulated anti-tendon adhesion barrier membranes" has been accepted by Materials & Design
  • Zhang qiang, Bei Ho Pan, Mengna and Richard's paper "Shedding light on 3D printing: printing photo-crosslinkable constructs for tissue engineering" has been accepted by Biomaterials